by Bethaney Wallace


With all the growing popularity of social media, it’s hardly a surprise to stop and think about all of the things it is used for. Sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for making friends or keeping in touch anymore, they’re also used as a personal sales pitch. With the ability to constantly be in contact with one another and upload pictures instantly, social media has revolutionized the ability to make a sale.

With the large success rate of advertising, buying, and selling through social media, site users have put no limits on what they can post on these websites, including their homes. Whether you’re looking for a roommate or trying to sell a three-story house, it can all be done through social media. Tweet pictures of your home, or search “homes for sale” and thousands of tweeted bits of info are at your fingertips. And for those of you who are a bit weary of buying from/selling to strangers without the help of a relator (as you probably should be) there are options to help ensure you are dealing with a reputable source. Applications like Facebook’s Marketplace allows users to buy goods straight from their friends, or a friend of a friend. And because the buyer has an in with the seller, their more likely to buy. Think about it, if you saw a gorgeous, brick home on Craigslist (apartment listing, fifth-wheel motor home … whatever your dream home may be), would you buy it? Now what if you saw the same listing on Facebook. It’s not your direct friend, but it’s your friend from college’s cousin. Now you’re not going into a sale blind, but you can ask your friend about the house or about the seller themselves. Which sale is more likely to happen?

The start of the social media home revelation began simply out of convenience. Back in the day, if you needed a roommate, you took out a listing in the local paper’s classifieds. House for sale? In the classifieds, and a brightly-colored sign in the front yard. And now days, all this can be skipped, and the listing, buying/selling, and roommate finding can all be done through social media.  Not only do you not have to post an ad in the paper (or have to pay for it), you can simultaneously advertising to all of your friends. Not to mention the ability to ask and post information as instantly as one can get to their computer. And now, even mortgage rates can be found online.

With the rising trends of social media, younger generations using social media to sell and buy homes is much higher and with the older generations. In fact, first time homebuyers can skip the realtor, which in turn saves them money.

With this not so new trend, houses are being sold and rented over the internet every day. While there’s much that can be debated about with the current housing trends, using social media to market real estate has proved to be one trend that continues to grow.

Bethaney Wallace is a social media advocate for the mortgage rates information website, Mortgage Sum. She is passionate about incorporating social media into everyday life.

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