Mac vs PC sords

By Bethaney Wallace

A few months ago I wrote a post on switching my former PC-loving ways to the world that is Mac. Now a trimester deep into my Mac ownership, I’m not so sure it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.


For years I’ve been hearing about the greatness that Apple has created. How their products are so much better. How owning one will change my life. And from the other end, I hear about the constant updates of PCs, how their products will save me money – the war between Macs and PCs is arguably more heated that the one between Republicans and Democrats. All I want to do is stay an independent voter and I’m being pulled from each side to give them my support. But, now having been behind both lines, I’ve reached a decision. And although I still like my Mac better than my former disease-ridden computers, I’m starting to find out that – brace yourselves Apple nuts – Macs may just be overrated.


Everything went great for the first two months with my Mac. It was fast to load, programs. I didn’t worry about spammy pop ups or viruses when I got a shady-looking email. And, staying regular with my updates, I downloaded them religiously. But then after one particular update, things started getting weird. I could no longer watch full-screen functions, I couldn’t attach emails, programs wouldn’t close, like the electronic version of Weebles, they wouldn’t stay down. Links couldn’t be clicked on, options could not be chosen, and documents were filed at random. If I had wanted to spend $1,200 on something that would break down, I’d have bought a used mustang.


Luckily, I had a solid three days left of Apple phone support to get their opinion. After a 20 minute phone call with a very cordial lady, she determined my computer to be acting “quirky” and that it was nothing a simple restore couldn’t fix. So I transferred everything to my external hard drive, and then once it was over I transferred it all back. I spent an entire afternoon fixing my computer, something I hadn’t done since I’d sold my last PC.


Now restored, my computer is working fine. I had to re-download programs, re-save passwords, and re-enter bookmarks, but now at least I can close programs as I please. My issue, however, is why it broke in the first place. Those same people who pushed me to get a Mac have assured me how rare this is. And in many cases, they’ve never heard of it happening at all. But it did. The question though, is why? Is it because the ample amount of time I spend on my computer? Even so, it’s 90 percent Word and email. I don’t scam the net for free TV or questionable content. I don’t search for free downloads or upload random programs. Was I simply given a dud? Was there some type of error in the updates? Or, as my computer-nerd brother so eloquently put it, “It’s just you.”  Whichever case it may be, I am stuck with my new computer, quirky updates and all.

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