Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield


When it is the matter of optimizing your website, SEO is the way for the search engines to see your page as more appealing. There are a lot of factors responsible for applying on-page SEO to your website, and increase your chances of getting ranked. Title tags, relevant content, H1 tags are few small things that can truly pack a punch for your blog. Below are some tactics as to how you can become more efficient for effectively applying on-page SEO to your website. These small tips can help to make SEO enhancement much easier for you both on and off page.

Keyword Density

You should be within certain limits with your main keyword phrase for each page. If your main phrase is used three times on a page with a total count of one hundred words, then your keyword density is 3%. There is no fixed rule for density of your primary phrase but approximately 2%- 3% keyword phrase density will keep you safe. You should concentrate on your content around one single keyword and taking care of the density will definitely convince the search engines. Just keep in mind that each page needs to be optimized and targeted for a specific keyword phrase.

Heading Tags

You should constantly use the heading tags H1, H2, etc. They hold importance as these are noticed and tracked by the search engines. So the overall effect will help you to rank higher. Using your main keyword phrase in the H1 tag is a good approach. While utilizing your H1 tag be sure you write effective headlines and subheads. This will help you in maximum optimization. Your SEO ranking can be influenced by carefully using your primary keyword phrase within the text body.

Internal Linking

Internal linking enables you to control over a particular keyword rich anchor text you want for the certain subsequent pages. With the help of this you can provide your readers with a link to another page on your site next time. But be sure you are actually using genuine keywords to maximize the benefit of this. Don’t waste this easy chance to enhance your ranking by using common phrases like click here or check this.


If you have a lot of photos or videos on your site, you will need this tactic to optimize them well. Alt attributes are small snippets of text that describes the images or videos on a page. They are useful for both, the people as well as for search engines. it informs the robots what the relative image represents. When an image is used as a link, the alt tag performs as an anchor text. This is used when giving weight to the linked page and can let either a human or robot know what the photo is about when it does not load properly on the site.


Overall, have a clear understanding and a complete picture of your market. Demographic research will provide you with in-depth information that can help you in potentially produced excellent returns if it is used properly. May be the most significant reason is due to creating an effective process for marketing and advertising. Just about everything with writing effective copy is based on the reader, of any market, reading that copy and responding to it on a through level. Crucial things like establishing yourself will simply not be possible until they believe you are among one of them to some extent.

Use of a few small and easy changes can make you to improve your SEO. The big things are definitely important, but remember the combination of these smaller tactics can reap significant benefits for your site and should not be overlooked.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on iphone accessories that attracted her attention. These days she is busy writing an article about a 3D Laptop.