About a year ago, I wrote about my disdain for Bing, an aversion that still holds true. Their searches are irrelevant, the ads seem to mock, and Bing’s self-righteous nature only makes me dislike it even more. (In case you are wondering, I’m team Chrome.) But, thanks to a newly released search engine, I have a new respect for those reevaluating the original engine-y model. This new model, Blekko, is a search engine that eliminates the spam and paid search results. A search engine that doesn’t pull up spam? What a novel idea. No more jumping to the top of the line just because you’ve got money; Blekko is not swayed by socioeconomic status.

At SXSWi I was lucky enough to meet one of the founders of Blekko, who told us about him groundbreaking search engine (my words, not his). He showed us the site’s simple design and its relevancy filter. Yahoo Answers doesn’t make the cut and Wikipedia is nowhere to be seen. Blekko, instead of searching for SEO, searches for actual relevant content. Do I still want Wikipedia results every now and then? Absolutely. But my BFF Chrome isn’t going anywhere. And when I’m searching for hard facts, Blekko is my search engine of choice.

Did a free T-shirt and the fact that Blekko has a super hero for a mascot sway my decision to write a blog about them? Maybe. But my aching shoulders can account for the massive amounts of SWAG I was given at SXSW and I have yet to write about any other products. Blekko, though, unlike other search engines, proved it’s above crappy advertisements and tricking folks into using its services. Their sole gimmick? Providing real, relevant searches.

Try it yourself at blekko.com.

Screen shot taken 3-20-12.