by Bethaney Wallace

When it comes to web browsers, I’m rarely willing to compromise. Internet Explorer has caused more headaches than I can count, and Bing ranks in the top 10 of things I hate most in the world. While once swearing by Safari, ever since the invention of Chrome, I’ve been using it every day and often. There is the occasional site that forces me to convert back to Safari or use the Fox, or when I’m doing research Blekko is handy, but Chrome is still my go-to browser. Google rarely lets me down, and, if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I’ve just too lazy to switch from the search bar to the address-typing bar; Chrome combines these features into one, convenient place.

BUT, I recently came across a completely new type of browser. One that donates money to charities every time you search. Even those searches for “discount designer shoes” or “how to braid” – this outlet allows users to do good even when being completely selfish.

How Does it Work?

Known as Good Search, this site asks users to sign in and then choose a charity of their choice. The highest earning being the ASPCA with more than $45,000, charities must first sign up so that they can receive funds. The site, powered by Yahoo, even offers users multiple ways to earn for different charities. Users can make Good Search their home page (And FYI, this is not yet available in Chrome, a fact that will cause the makers to receive a harshly worded letter later today) and earn $.01 per search. And if you think you can search like mad, think again; fraudulent searches can hurt a charity’s status, so search organically.

Users can also shop for online coupons within the site, which gives a percent donation – ranging from about 1 to 12 percent – of each purchase. For example, if I were to look through the coupons and find a deal from Zazzle, I’d click on the deal I wanted to use. The website would then link me to Zazzle and donate 10 percent of my purchase to my charity of choice, plus allotting me whatever offered discount. Not a bad deal. Another option for donating through Good Search is by eating out at registered restaurants.

And because no good deed can go unnoticed, each user’s account tracks the amount they’ve earned. Just log in to see how much your mindless Internet searching and online shopping has accumulated to help a good cause. With Good Search, there’s proof that charity can be gained by offering incentives to others.

Download the program today to help earn for your charity of choice.