by Bethaney Wallace

Because we are a blog-based business, The Social Robot spends a lot of time sizing up the competition. To see what others are doing, to learn, and just to entertain ourselves, we scour the web in search of a good blog or two. In fact, on any given day we can be found reading, writing, and commenting on any number of blogs. To help share our finds, I decided to put together a list of Kelsey and I’s favorite blogs.

Check them out to get the latest news on all that is electronics. Although we’re not gamers, Gizmodo still has plenty of information to offer, including news on gadgets, NASA technology, and even online gambling. If it happens on the web, they’re there to tell us about it.

While this site is on the girlier side, there is still plenty of entertainment for all spectrums. They’ve got humor, relationship advice, and tips on how to get the perfect summer nails. Anyone who is a fan of Zooey Deschanel will get a kick out of this site.

When it comes to exercising, no one offers up better advice than From the Olympics, to tips to buying the best yoga mat, to recipes, this blog has got everything that is active. There is even a “get started” page, helping their readers jumpstart a diet, go on a shopping spree, and more.


Best Week Ever

Remember when this was on TV and you were lucky if you happened upon it? Now VH1 has transformed their mini recap show into a blog. Read it for a humorous view on TV shows, movies, and more. And for those with short attention spans, there are plenty of videos to keep you entertained. 


To fill our social media appetites, we head to BuzzFeed, where hundreds of topics are covered each day. The site also provides news stories (weird and newsworthy), advice, products, etc. There are also separate category feeds, including geeky, cute, and fail, to fit any searcher’s tastes.

The Bloggess

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson), a hilarious writer whom I’ve been following for months. (In the world of the Internet, that’s a lifetime.) She has recently released a book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and is one of the funniest women around.*

Blogs are one of the most universal mediums around. They come in every subject and entertainment level, and are great for a quick read throughout the day. Check out our favorites and let us know what you think.


*A word of warning, if you offend easily, process to The Bloggess’ page with caution.

Screen shots taken 6-1-12.