by Bethaney Wallace

While almost everyone enjoys a good helping of rice – fried, white, brown, or whatever else hits the spot – not everyone understand the extent to which rice can help. Sure it can feed us, provide a great side dish for thousands of meals, and assist children in art projects, but did you know rice can also help you learn trivia? Just by heading to, users can answer questions – oh and did I mention the site helps feed others?

The website’s main goal, an admirable one, is donating grains of rice – 10 per correct answer – to the hungry. No sign up needed, although users can create an account for shared giving and tiered rice-giving levels.

For the most part, these questions are real no-brainers: “Scream means: hide, yell, make better, or shut.” No phone a friend option is necessary to knock out intervals of rice. There’s even a bowl that shows how many grains you’ve donated; reach 100 and you’ll get an emblem recognizing the accomplishment.

While you may not be learning any fun facts (although it might be a great vocab game for the kids), you’ll be doing far greater good by donating nutritional rice to those who are in need of it most. And you’d better pay attention, because wrong answers yield no rice to donations.

How Does it Work?

The site doesn’t give much in the way of mechanics, but it’s safe to say the money is sponsor donated, given through traffic and constant clicks. Information on various charity organizations, as well as info on how one can help, can also be found on the site’s home page.

At the end of the day, however, how the site works is far less important as to why it works. Rice, a delicious and healthy food, can easily be donated to hungry bodies across the world. And when all it takes is a few minutes of your time each day, why not visit and help the cause?

Head to and start donating rice today.