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YouTube’s super popularity is evident in its 75 million+ registered users who upload about 150,000 videos to the site every day. The site provides a wonderful platform for businesses to interact with their customers, while also giving necessary backlinks to their sites. Users can also use the social networking site to get brand exposure and improve your search engine ranking.

YouTube uses several factors similar to a search engine to rank a video –it acts similar to a movie search engine. Factors such as the number of views, comments, shares, and subscriptions determine the ranking of your channel on YouTube. There has also been news about YouTube considering time watched as a new factor for ranking, which is aimed at providing quality results to the viewers.

But why is it important? A higher ranking on one’s channel translates to a greater amount of interaction between you and your target audience. This in turn means that you can drive traffic more easily to your site. Here’s a look at some of the ranking factors for YouTube.

Title and Description

Titles and descriptions are important considerations for both YT and search engine ranking. The title should be precise and attractive. Also make sure to add relevant keywords (after conducting a careful keyword search) to a video so it shows up whenever a user performs a search on a related subject.

Tags and Views

Views is another aspect that YouTube evaluates when ranking your videos. The only thing that you could do to increase your count of views is to share it on other social media and optimize all the parameters for the search engine. This is one of those parameters that do not provide flexibility. Appropriate tags can also help you increase your viewership. Tagging your videos based on different possible variations of search queries and keywords can be helpful in moving up your search engine rankings.


Interactivity is the most important factor considered by YouTube for ranking. This includes ratings, comments, flags, likes, shares and favorites. Add engaging and fast-loading content on your channel to give visitors an enjoyable experience. Except flags, an increase in everything else is good for the channel.


Embedding your video elsewhere on your social networking pages and websites can give your ranking, as well as your search engine ranking, a boost. As Google owns YouTube, it counts inbound links as a factor when ranking your video and the same applies to your site. Along with this, YouTube also considers certain other factors such as the age and subscriptions for ranking your videos. Even if the factors to consider are too many, you need to only worry about two things: quality content and good optimization.

Time Watched

This is the newly talked about and much hyped ranking factor of YouTube. The YT analytics now contains a new tab called Time Watched. This new tab provides valuable input to channels about the quality of their content. The Time Watched parameter is probably the most subtle indicator of viewer engagement. It also promotes quality videos and raises the bar for channels to provide high quality, interactive content.

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