Guest post by Ivy Delfin
car drivingAs Google becomes more savvy about dodgy SEO methods (you know those annoying blog posts you would get linked to that was just the same phrase repeated over and over?), online marketers are getting better at gaining attention through more legitimate methods. The nature of SEO has changed and Google is at the forefront of it all, making up the rules to follow if you want to be seen online. What’s changed? All it takes to be recognized is to produce content that actually means something.
The first thing anyone in online marketing will tell you is to produce content on your website that is actually informative and relevant to your website. Utilize key words but don’t make them obvious. For example, when selling kitchen appliances, mention on your homepage what you supply, the quality and the affordability, the location and any major brands. Go into more detail on each page of your links, this way Google will pick up more specific key words, thus driving more traffic to your site. To find out what key words you should be using, do a simple search using Google’s Keyword Search; type in your website address and those of your competitors and pick up keywords that rank well and try to include them in your content, especially article titles and meta tags.
Another important thing to consider is how easy your site is to navigate. If your visitors leave after only looking at one page, ask yourself why and fix it. If you get stuck at this point, as this deals more so with website functionality rather than meaningful content, consider hiring an online marketing company like optimizing that can help alter your site functionality to increase traffic and improve your visibility to potential customers. Also make sure that your site is constantly updated so it appears active rather than a neglected site that looks like it doesn’t actually do any business. Also, ask any of your customers for testimonials that you can publish on your website, they are a great source of SEO content.
Ivy Delfin works in Marketing and writes on topics related to increasing SEO and website management.