Though social media is a new practice, the world of sitcoms have been around for decades. With their humorous ways, unique antics, and flare for the extreme, audiences of all ages have fallen in love with these programs since they came onto screen. But what if our favorite characters from the 80s and 90s – even 2000s – had social media?

Would Jerry and Newman have followed each other on Instagram? (And think of George’s YouTube hits – all renditions that pertain to his current location, of course. Believe it or not, he isn’t at home.) Would Ross and Rachel still have been Facebook friends after their controversial split? Mr. Roper would have surely known Jack’s love for women based on his offensive Snapchats. Gilligan and crew could have tweeted for immediate help! And thousands of other plotlines that would have gone incredibly different.

Out of all the characters, however, these five could have done social media the most good.

clarissa explains it all 90s nickelodeon showClarissa Darling

She was already explaining “everything,” why not let her do it online as well? Sam could have Snapped on his way up to Clarissa’s bedroom ladder, and her parents would have been none the wiser. Because they did just not get technology. Besides, Clarissa would have gained infinite follows just for her Ferguson-themed memes alone.

Steve Urkel

Think of all the nerdy science tips Urkel could have shared. Sure they might have been annoying at first, but once tests came along, you’d be really grateful for his advice. Then once his inventions started to take off you could say you knew him back when. Even if it was only as a Facebook friend.

Chandler Bing

Could there BE a funnier Twitter account than Chandler Bing’s? We could watch him live-tweet his way through any situation, including his awkward dating phase and everything that was Janice. (Who should totally get her own YouTube channel, BTW.)

Nanny Fran

fran drescher the nannyWith unlimited photo sharing abilities, Nanny Fran surely would have posted her latest animal-print outfit on Instagram every day. Users could even rate just how outrageous each combo was … and in relation to what her mother and BFF Val were sporting.Combined they’d make for the wildest Pinterest board of all time.

Helen Chappel-Hackett

If Helen (from Wings) would have had social media, she’d been discovered for her cello playing years sooner. Not stuck serving coffee in the tiniest airport that has ever existed. Just get her a running feed and let her upload videos of her flawless classic compositions. Millions of views later, she’d have her own record deal and the followers to back it up.