wordpress-loveAs a sometimes website builder, I often get asked as to which platform is “the best.” Generally after someone has already put money into a project or started the venture themselves. For anyone with future website questions, here’s my answer: WordPress forever and for always. (I might even help you navigate their waters if you’d come to me first next time.)

When it comes to building websites, I’m a real platform snob. WordPress for life. Not only is it what I use each and every day, it’s user friendly, offers an almost unlimited amount of customizations, and there are free resources (and forms of support) all across the Internet. There are built-in stats, the ability to create a website from a visual standpoint or with HTML (you know, if you’re into that type of thing.) And an ongoing list of amazing attributes.

Why anyone would use anything else is just beyond me.

Am I a biased source? Absolutely. BUT it’s also a bias that comes with years of research. It’s not like I haven’t ventured – whether by choice or because I was forced – and nothing has held up. Not even a little. Whether it’s a fill-in-the-blanks site (Wix), was too complicated for its own good (custom CMS programs), outdated (Joomla), or a mogul’s version of phoning it in (sorry, Google, but yes, Blogger), these sites simply don’t hold up to the amazingness that is WordPress. IMO. There are plenty more website building platforms, of course. Each offering the same practices with a different way to get there. (If only slightly.) But at what point will they just all give up trying and bow down to WordPress’s superiority?

I’ll be waiting with open arms and a big “I told you so,” promise.