twitter-muteI use a lot of social media. It’s part of my job, and also it’s a distraction from work. Or whatever else I’m doing at the computer. But through these frequent checkings – whether for work or for play – I’m made aware of the constant poster. A company or person who shares way too much, way too often. And almost every single day, they blow up my timeline/newsfeed with each of their musings.

Until I prevent them from doing so.

Thanks to blocking features, available in Facebook, and Twitter’s mute, I can ignore all of this crap straight from the get-go. Without the other party having any inkling. Each platform makes it real easy too. Just click on a profile or hover over their photo, and you can click on necessary settings straight from the homepage. A simple feat that allows me to go on living my life. Social media uninterrupted.

The Oversharer

If posts are clever/entertaining, I can get pretty ok with it. I might even throw you a like. But when it’s random selfies or self-promoting facts that always start out with the same intro, I’m interest level is pretty low. Like, negative levels. When you’re sharing the same things over and over again, I can’t even begin to jump on board. It’s just too frustrating and too wasteful of my time. Why do you think followers want to see so many selfies? Why do you think they’ll read countless brag posts without questioning the motive? Why must you post so often at all? For attention? Or to actually gain relevant followers?

Either way, I’m out.

The Overtagger

Another reason I’ll unfollow accounts is if they’re tagged in too many locations or statuses. Whether it’s self-induced or they have a friend (or two) that tags them in absolutely everything; there are several accounts I’ve muted just to get their friends’ tags out of my life. Sure, it may “not be their fault.” But as a social media user, you have a duty to your online friends, and that’s to keep your IRL friends under control. If it’s not something you can do in person, then at least tackle it from a virtual standpoint.

The Piggybacker

The final form of too-frequent poster is the piggybacker. The person who retweets or re-shares absolutely everything. Basically, they have no posts of their own. Some of this content might be worth reading, but when it’s all that ever comes up, I’m not too likely to filter through. (In contrast, if a non-piggybacker shares someone else’s post, I’ll definitely give it a read. Since they probably took the time to decide it was worth sending out into the public.)

Whatever your biggest social media pet peeve, don’t be afraid to stifle it. Thanks for the convenience of ignoring people – across all types of technology – it’s as simple as a few pointed clicks.