By now, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that there’s an app for absolutely everything. Even those that we’ll never get to because they’re so beyond our understanding in any particular subject (or just beyond our phone’s storage capacity). But when it comes to writing (like any other subject of apps), there are those that are better than others. In order to get the most out of your keyboard strokes (or lack thereof), test out these voted faves.

ULYSSES III writing app

Ulysses III

Ready for an all-in-one writing platform? Look no further. It costs, but Ulysses III is far worth the fees ($1 for phones and $20 for iPads). Docs are stored in a simple-to-use lineup so users can scroll and click with ease. Writers can also take notes on documents and gain easy access to their keyboard. The platform is also available for your Mac computer ($45) so documents can easily be transferred, or simply go back and forth, based on need or location.

The app also allows you to create custom PDFs, iBooks, and more. All through their self-proclaimed “clutter-free” interface.

Ulysses III has been voted number one by users. On multiple devices. Get started with a free trial to test it with no obligation.


Slightly more expensive than the above (at least in phone form), Byword still offers plenty of writing capabilities, but in a sleeker format. No icons, no menus, and no distractions. Byword can be purchased for $6 on iOS devices and $20 for Mac. Users have praised the ability to go between full-screen and a “floating” window so you can type (or think about typing) in the background.

The reasoning for all of the above? To keep writers on task. Meaning this is an ideal option for those who might get distracted easily. Or who prefer as little photos as possible, but without sacrificing actual capabilities.

App-Store-A-Novel-IdeaA Novel Idea

This app is not only free, it’s perfect for anyone working on a novel. Why? It allows you to break down scenes and characters, and fill in specific blanks that will help trigger your memory, and your creativity. It also helps the writer frame and execute full ideas – timelines and/or developments it took from best-selling books, from recent times and decades ago.

This platform is great for any new writer, or anyone who’s worried about putting a story together from plot to finish.

Of course, there are plenty of other writing apps, tons more. Each of which might be tailored to different writing needs. There are those for fiction, those for note taking, and so on. These are simply three of our faves – and top rated finds. When determining what app will work best for you, consider doing a few background searches to see what other users have to say about them. Free trials or unpaid apps are also a great place to start without shelling out cash.

Happy writing!