creative idea lightbulb full of colorsBlogging can be a necessary evil. (That is, for those who don’t love blogging.) It gives content out to readers, helps raise clout and search position with engines. It also gives customers something to subscribe to and learn from. But in order to host that content, of course, you first have to come up with original ideas.

And, as it turns out, there’s a certain flair to topic creation. Which I’m about to explain … at least how I do it. Of course there are multiple ways to do anything, and every tactic will work better for each person. Which is why I encourage any blogger to take this list with a grain of salt. And it adjust it to your own liking, kind of like actual salt.

Start by Brainstorming

Come up with as many ideas as possible, and write them down. (Or type them out.) Add in detail if you have a specific angle, or don’t. Often times I look at a topic I’d written down, and have no idea what I meant. So I put a new spin on it, only to remember weeks later what I’d intended. Sometimes they’re different enough to create two entire blogs off the one topic. It’s never not worked out.

If you’re blanking, perform Google searches and see what pops up. Scroll through Facebook. Set up email alerts. Use technology to your advantage and have the ideas delivered to you. After a few weeks (maybe months), you’ll get in a groove. Any time you come up with an idea or see an unusual link, you’ll click. And then you can write about it later.

The beauty of this process is it provides you with a list you can always pull from. Or ignore. Nothing says you have to write about everything you write down. Then again, you might jot an incredible idea in passing and not notice until you’re actually ready to write it.

Communicate with Others

Some of my favorite blog topics weren’t my ideas at all. They were suggested by others. Or inspired after talking with them. Had it not been for that person (or in actuality, tens of them), I’d have missed out on all kinds of blogs.

I’ve learned to be open to talking about anything and everything, with anyone. Not every interaction will lead to ideas, but when they do come along, it’ll inspire you to talk tech (or whatever you’re blogging about) even on the days you’re too burned out to talk work.

Getting in the Groove

It won’t take long where you’ll develop a real routine about it. Just by knowing how you need to think about blog topics will allow your brain to work that way. Without even thinking about it. You’ll become more creative, more adaptive, and able to sway any angle to your advantage. It might take years (for me it did), but it’s a progression that becomes easier each time you sit down to blog.

Is it a foolproof formula? Of course not. Some days I’m bursting with ideas, others I can’t scrape one together for anything. But by combining strengths and ebbs and flow, you can create an environment in which you’re always full of ideas. Even when you aren’t full of words.