smartphone-iphone-repairAs I may have written, a few months ago I busted my iPhone 6 screen. (Really, in Internet terms, who can remember that far back?) And getting it fixed was the longest, most stressful experience of my life. So as a warning, if you do what I did – if you break your iPhone 6, or any smartphone for that matter – don’t cheat. Don’t try and cheap out. Pay the smart folks, the ones who know what they’re doing, and let them fix it right.

You’ll only save money in the long run. And stress, in infinite amounts.

Rather than taking care of it that day – which is OBVIOUSLY what I should have done – I ordered online. I found the cheapest screen available, and I ordered it. I thought they were all the same. They are not all the same; it was cheap for a reason.

Since being installed, my screen has decided to operate on its own accord. It texts random letters, it calls my Grandmother without orders. An eerie display of technology. Sometimes it likes and unlikes the same Instagram photo 100s of times, all in rapid succession. Basically, there are times when I have absolute zero control over what it’s doing or where it’s going.

It’s my personal box of chocolates.

The “Return” Process

When I called the company I purchased the screen from, they offered me a new one. But only once I’d returned the broken one. Which meant two mail shipments plus processing time without a phone. That also meant I’d have to pay $60ish to have the screen put back on, and who knows how much to have it removed in the first place.

Plus, they’d already sent one dud – who’s to say the replacement screen wouldn’t be just as crappy? After all the hassle and funds spent finding out.

Option two was to return the screen altogether and get a refund. Only I’d be losing over $60 in the process. Because the price for 6 screens had gone down since I’d ordered mine. Even though the issue was with their product, they refused to reimburse me what I spent.

Another issue stemmed from the timeline. I had ordered it months before calling in the return. Even though I offered to show proof of receipts from sending off the phone (to have something else fixed that I broke, independent from the screen), they wouldn’t bite.

Lesson Learned

The next time I bust open my phone (hoping there isn’t a next time, obviously, but if there is) I’m going straight to the pros. They fix it that day, the screen is guaranteed if it starts to get buggy, and you get to deal with people IRL. Not folks over the phone who may or may not have sympathy for your ill-working device.

It does cost a little more, but you also get a phone, and aren’t forced to pay extra to fix your own mistakes. Or parts that you break that the other guys know how to not break.

Also, it’s worth it – SOO worth it – to spring for a protective case. It only costs a few more dollars, and saves plenty of grief along the way.