Internet icons search enginesThe advent of the Internet is a common concept in modern life. It has changed the way that we see and live in the world today. No matter what you do, the chances are that you use the Internet in at least some aspect of your life – from increasing your productivity at work to connecting with friends who are all over the map.

Social Media

By making communication with people from across the globe easier than ever before, social media has effectively made our planet smaller than ever. With social media, businesses can expand their target market and seek out audiences that they may never have been able to access before. Families that have been separated by geographical boundaries can connect with loved ones, bonding over pictures and conversations that simply wouldn’t be possible with a telephone. Social media has even changed the way that we access news, providing instant updates about the most current events taking place in the world.

Video Games

The world of video games is evolving more rapidly than ever before. The rise of popularity in online video games, with an estimated 99% of boys in the US and 94% of girls playing regularly, has led psychologists to conduct experiments into the positive results this hobby could yield.

Scientific study has found that open-end video games and interactive online games can help young people to enhance their problem-solving skills, manage their emotions better, and find improved motivation in day-to-day life. Online video games have even had an impact on social boundaries, allowing reserved individuals to make new friends and improve their confidence through a shared hobby.

But there are some negatives. There is much to be said about playing outside and exercising. If the child is doing both, that is wonderful. Playing video games and playing Little League baseball, for instance, is wonderful.

Streaming Entertainment

Another way that the Internet has changed the world that we’re living in today, relates to entertainment in the form of music and film. Websites such as Netflix and Amazon, as well as a wide range of other brands are introducing new ways for consumers to stream instant entertainment to their homes – for all homes that have the Internet of course.

Fortunately, the introduction of faster and more efficient Wi-Fi makes streaming a breeze, and no matter where you live today, the chances are you can access a truly impressive connection. With the right company, you can even get FiOS in Beaverton, for ultra-fast Internet bundles that ensure you’ll be enjoying the Internet to its fullest potential.


Finally, the rise of the Internet has changed the way that we perform at work―making us more productive, and therefore ensuring that we move faster, and more reliably into the future. Online search engines give us access to an unlimited amount of information―providing everything we need to research appropriate solutions to problems and discover new ways of enhancing our business.

On top of this, software and hardware solutions are making computer-usage more efficient than ever, ensuring that everything from data-entry to time-management is smoothly organized. You can even use the Internet to train your employees in new skills to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition, or to provide your company with work supervision and surveillance. The options and range of duties the Internet offers is really infinite.