BloggingMuch like the rest of the Internet, there’s no exact recipe to blogging. No booklet that proclaims, “Yes that will get you 12 more followers per day!” and “No, do that and readers under 25 will duck out immediately.” At least universally – different tactics help and hurt blogs all the time. Rather, each blog owner must figure out what “works,” and then find what combination works best.

Much like cooking. There might be a set recipe, but everyone has that special ingredient they put in to make it their own. Whether that means changing flavor, adjusting consistency, or something else to get it just so. What you put in changes what you get out.

That also means, the more you practice, the better it gets. Blogging can become more consistent. Words will flow better, and topics will become more unique. The more words there will be for Internet bots to troll. The more tips and/or advice readers will have to browse. The longer you practice, the better your blog will “taste.”

Blogging Frequency

The biggest question among website owners, however, generally tends to be “how often” they should blog. Folks don’t want to put in more effort than needed (business owners and marketing gurus are busy, after all), while they also don’t want to bombard readers with more words than they have time to explore.

So what’s the magic number? I say once per week. Twice isn’t going to hurt anyone. And if you have an incredible following, you can even up that number further (so long as you have the numbers, and topic range to support it). Less than once a week can leave your content getting fairly “stale.” While also showing search engines you aren’t that into updating content.

Universal Blogging Tips

Out of all the ways you can make your blog unique, there are a few changes that are almost always for the best.


  • Coming up with unique ideas
  • Adding photos
  • Writing in your own voice (It’s something no one else can recreate!)
  • Sticking to a posting schedule
  • Sharing your blog/making it available … but not TOO available
  • Telling people about your blog
  • Giving people a reason to read, and to keep reading

Are there more best practices? Of course. And there are plenty of worst, too. The key is mixing and matching what works best for your individual style. All while finding what type of content gets results. In whatever form you might be trying to achieve.