more-sleigh-bell-cool-mom-picks-funny-holiday-cards_zps379e9a49Are you sending out a holiday card this year? Are you worried about what text will be placed on said card? Do you struggle with apostrophe placement? Or put random quotation marks where they just don’t belong?

Great news, we’re here to help!

This year, to help eliminate all those pesky punctuation mistakes, The Social Robot will edit your holiday cards … for free. No matter what religion or holiday you choose to celebrate, we’ll help you write out the perfect card. The only requirement is that it be in English. (We’re also going to assume you spelled your family members’ names as their birth certificate intended.)

All you have to do is email us the text, and we’ll make sure everything is squared away. Returning your newly edited text in email form, or if PDFs are more your style, we’re happy to accommodate. So long as we’re removing those awkward writing mistakes, we’re flexible.

Whether you’re interested for your own family’s card, or you have a friend who’s in dire need of our services, take advantage of this winter season service.

Email for our free editing services today! Here’s to going grammatically correct in 2015 and beyond.