Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.05.27 AMWith the New Year comes new goals to put into place. Simple to elaborate changes that can streamline everyday responsibilities – as well as those that simply make you feel better about how things are done. That goes for your personal life, your business, and of course, your marketing tactics. While there was plenty that was to be adjusted in 2015, and which helped business of all sizes to grow their reach, it’s once again time to look at how content helps you advertise.

Check out the latest predictions on how 2016 will change how we see online text, as well as what steps will help provide the biggest impact.

Focus on Quality

Still coming from changes where Google (and other search engines) are cracking down on spam, it’s time to focus on the quality of website writing. Not necessarily on quantity. Though it’s still important to post new content, it’s not as important to do so on a large scale. That means sharing blogs and website pages that add real value – such as stats, expert opinions, unique titles, etc. – not those that are long and packed with keywords.

Not only can readers tell the difference, so can search engines. And they’re slated to crack down harder than ever before.

Content Companies

Businesses like yours truly, and those that are on a far larger scale, are set to be at an all time high. With companies understanding the value of personalized content, they are also in need of someone to do the writing. Sister brands are being opened by many moguls, such as Adobe, Xerox, etc. in order to farm out interesting blogs, and to be on the forefront of these online marketing changes.

Cut Down on the Buzzwords

Much like keyword stuffing, buzzwords have become overused and can act as a red flag to search engines and readers. Terms like “conversion marketing,” “sharable content,” and “storytelling” have essentially lost their value. While these and more can refer to actual tactics, it’s important that writers use them properly, and use them for the sake of explaining, not gaining clicks.

Failing to Capitalize

Failure to launch content plans has existed in online marketing since the invention of blogs. Though online content is considered important and an affordable way to advertise, most companies won’t take advantage of said opportunity. And most of the time, it’s because they either don’t understand the value, or just don’t know where/how to start. Those who are able to embrace content marketing head on will see the biggest amount of growth, and see those results for years to come, experts say.

To take advantage of the above changes, look at your current marketing plan. Now is a great time to start gearing up for your website updates and gain access to long-term benefits.