Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.27.43 AMReading can be rough … as can tech. With both subjects, there is simply too much to navigate. Too many books that have been written, too many aps to explore – so many choices that it’s overwhelming to even know where to begin. Which is why we rely on the advice and reviews of others who have tried them out first. Expert advice from fellow book nerds, and opinions from others who were there already … hence, the best and most useful book apps around.

Out of all our reading days and tested tech experience, here are our favorite models.


Not only is this app great for looking up reviews and determining whether or not you’ll like a book, it’s ideal for keeping track of what you’ve already read. If you’re into that type of thing. It’s valuable information to be able to look back at what titles you completed and when, and Goodreads allows you to do just that (for free). You can also follow friends to see what they’re reading, how they liked each book, and so on. Nerds unite!


If you’re like me, you have more books than you can even begin to keep track of. Sometimes you lend them out, others get lost behind the bookshelf and collect dust in what has become your library’s abyss. With iBookshelf, however, you can catalog each of your stories and make note of lending histories. Consider it your own virtual little library.

To Read

How often do you hear about a book you want to read and then forget what it’s called or who wrote it? Even if you make yourself a note – on paper or via email – it’s likely to get lost in the depths of your briefcase (or inbox). But with To Read, you can make a reading list that goes wherever you go. You can search titles to include book images or create individual lists, even rearrange to create the order in which you’d like to read. No more lost ideas, just a comprehensive digital list.


Though this has yet to be developed into app form, Shelfari is one of the best ways to discover new reads that are tailored to your tastes. Powered by Amazon, it’s a free website that allows you to find books that are similar to ones you’ve already read (and loved). Or, take to current lists and choose a particular subject with all of its top-reviewed titles.


Nothing new here. But, these top names are simply hard to beat. When you can take your favorite titles with you no matter where you go, and on every device, well it’s a book worm’s dream come true.

For a better reading experience wherever you go, and to help take on the titles you’ll enjoy most, remember the help of these top-rated and TSR-loved apps.