TSR 03-04-16While I’m not a full-time freelance writer, I do get to spend a day or two per week scrawling blog posts for hire. I work from home, and that means I’m operating out of a studio apartment. It’s cozy, sure, but the perks are amazing. If you’re considering dropping your stuffy day job, I’ve got just the motivation you need. Here are some of the incredible benefits of working from home in a 545-square-foot apartment.

All you can drink

A famous economist once said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well, that’s not necessarily true. My apartment complex has a coffee machine in it that I don’t have to pay to use. I realize that the device is built into the cost of this complex — that’s where economic analysis comes in. I try to drink more than a month’s rent of equity in coffee to offset the price of living in Dallas. If you assume a retail value of approximately $2 per cup (it’s Starbucks brand), then I have to drink around 280 cups of coffee per month to clear rent. That’s less than 10 cups per day from the machine! The only drawback here is that the office doesn’t open until 9, so I usually have to accept the sunk cost of that first cup or two. *This math brought to you by coffee.*

Easy commute

Bed is so nearby. I don’t have a tape measure, but I’m approximately 5’11” and my bed is about two-and-a-half me’s away from my desk. That’s great access for naps or full-on sleep. Whenever I need a change of venue and the couch (one me away) is getting stale, I can make for the bed to clear my mind. Plus it cuts down on the commute to work. That leaves more “me time” in the morning, so that I can come into the office with a focused energy. The major negative here is that it’s incredibly easy to give up on the day (and life in general), pack it in, and hit the sack at any given moment.

Laid back environment

Every day is Casual Friday Used T-shirt and Same Shorts Day. No one razzes you about personal hygiene when you work from home. It’s a laid back atmosphere at the office. Show up in whatever you wore to sleep the night before, take as many bathroom breaks as you want, and go to lunch whenever you feel like it. Actually, take two lunches if you want. Plus, no one’s hovering over your shoulder or watching your Internet activity from the IT department to make sure you’re not wasting company time. The downside? No one’s hovering over your shoulder or watching your Internet activity from the IT department to make sure you’re not wasting company time. We often have discipline problems at work.

Excellent work conditions

Every room (the only room) is the break room. While there’s no manager sitting over my shoulder as I type, there is a television equipped with a Nintendo-64. Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime are all waiting for the moment my attention wanes. Plus, my office has a full kitchen for midday snacks. I’m not beholden to the powers of the microwave. I can make scrambled eggs from scratch (that’s about the extent of what I’m willing to cook while at work). Plus, there’s no chance a coworker takes my lunch from the refrigerator.

Strong company culture

The wifi is great here. If I want to get away from my desk I can work from my phone (as I sit on the couch). I don’t ever have to compete to get a strong network connection. And that brings up a bigger point. I don’t have to worry about anything my fellow employees are doing, because there are none. No tedious interactions with management. No agonizing conversations about weekend plans or kids. In fact, no conversations at all. I don’t interact with anyone until my girlfriend gets home from her boring full-time job. I don’t even have/get to go outside.