stop sign yellow cartoon faceIn terms of necessity, marketing often put on the back burner. It’s something you haven’t been doing, or haven’t been doing differently. And so far, so good – at least that’s the immediate take. And we get it, change is hard. Effort is hard.

As comedian John Mulaney said, it’s 100% easier to not do something than it is to do it. He adds that because of that effort, it’s amazing anyone does anything. And he’s not wrong.

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager (or the newest hire), work can be overwhelming. You have a lot on your plate as-is, let alone starting an entirely new project. It’s easier to put things off, or avoid them altogether, than to put in the necessary time to do it right. And really, no one is arguing with that logic. However, it’s also that tactic that can hurt you in the long run. In fact, it already is. Every day you’re not marketing, every second you’re not looking to improve your business with bigger and better efforts, is a day that customers don’t know you exist. It’s a time, where, months later they need your services and don’t understand what you offer, and it’s a tomorrow that your brand isn’t recognized.

Putting off marketing today will hurt you tomorrow. Just like putting off your marketing months earlier is hurting you now.

Marketing is Long-Term, Not Immediate

It’s true that some marketing efforts are in-the-now. Ads are seen, links are clicked, and both methods can add some real-time exposure. But marketing also works behind the scenes – this is actually where it does its heaving lifting. Blog posts from months ago still pop up in web searches. Facebook likes lead to more Facebook likes and Twitter follows, and more and more. Which eventually lead to word-of-mouth advertising, and that one guy who saw your stuff online and remembered you when his landlord needed X services.

Online marketing is a tactic that grows for you 24/7, while you’re busy promoting the next new post. (Which will also continue to work for you, even years later.)

But if you never get started at all, or assume you’ll have time “sometime soon,” it can’t work for you at all. Because chances are, you won’t have time to start. Or you will, but you’ll dedicate that time to something else instead. If you never take the initiative to start your marketing efforts, you’ll never be able to benefit them, either. Knowing the benefits doesn’t do you any good, nor does having a great idea – it’s actually moving forward with your plan that sets it into motion.

Besides, considering the immense benefits and minimal risk, there’s really no excuse for avoiding your online marketing efforts. The longer you wait, the further back in the race you’ll become.

The choice is up to you, but when you’re ready, we – or whatever marketing pro you choose – will be here, waiting to hit the ground running.