Everyone is an expert in their own field. They’re immersed in a topic, learning everything there is to know about it … for roughly eight hours a day. Sometimes those topics even run into your personal time or after hours. The point is, however, that you know a whole lot. People come to you with questions, and if you don’t know the answer offhand, chances are you can get it very quickly.

During all of that brainstorming, you’re likely to come up with some new ideas.

So why not share them? No, not in the way that everyone can steal what you thought up, but in the way where you can get others talking and show your expertise.

And you can do so on your blog.

trust fall activity with men in suitsThe days of marketing for marketing’s sake are over. Customers are looking for value in your content. They want to know you’re the real deal, not someone trying to pull the wool over their eyes. And what better way to offer something unique – and extremely valuable – than your best ideas? This can be anything from tips, to potential services or products of the future, to how customers can get better value, and even how they can do things themselves.

There are those who’ve avoided this step. They don’t want to “lose business” or “teach customers how to put them out of a job” by providing too much information. However, that’s no longer a valid business fear. Technology is growing so quickly that consumers can’t keep up with everything needed for a specific field. Besides, businesses are experts in their own categories, meaning anyone who wants something done right will still look toward their help. Meanwhile, there will always still be DIYers, always – whether you put out information or not. Rather than acting off of that fear, it’s better to build trust with those who are current customers, or who could be in the future.

So really, what do you have to lose? Adding to your blog means there are more words for search engines to crawl. It can raise your page ranking, the number of clicks you get, and therefore, the more traffic that comes to your website. And it gains you some serious clout with readers, leading to ongoing and future business.

Consider sharing your industry knowledge for an easy way to win over customers, and gain a bigger online following.